How beautiful will men be

What a beautiful man! Six Pack Body or Six Fit Height! Just as capitalism has tied the definition of beauty to women, the beauty of men is also tied to the definition of capitalism. So Jim is getting into the city. Today’s young men have risen to create a manly body. But what is the beauty of men?

Isn’t it nice for a boy who doesn’t have a six pack? There is no Six Feet Height, whose hair is less than the head! Is she behind the run of beauty? There was talk about the beauty of men and how a man can be beautiful. For a long time she has been dealing with the fitness of the male and female body. Training them in mixed martial arts. So he had the question, what is the masculine beauty that we talk about?

According to Tamal, beauty is the specialty of a human being. Men are naturally strong and strong. This power has given men the courage to stand up against all wrongdoing. Ability to Survive Yourself and Others. Basically, this protective attic is a masculine beauty.The beauty of the gym is that the masculine masculine beauty that men give is physical. But many men forget that the beauty of men is hidden in the courage and strength of men!

In this case, many may ask, does the mass gain in the gym cost nothing! Of course there are prices. In fact, a man’s strength and fitness are determined on five issues. There are 3 things – BMI, stamina, flexibility, ability to run and the ability to carry the load.


The perfect BMI for a healthy and beautiful man is 1.5 to 26.5. It is very straightforward to define BMI. Convert your weight into kilograms units. Divide one pound by 2.2 and turn it into kilograms. Then find your height meter. The BMI formula is,

Your weight (kilograms) / (your height (meters) *).

A BMI above 7 means you suffer from obesity.

Often, many Macho Men (great muscular men) are rarely seen or can not walk for much weight.

Therefore, a six pack or excessive body massage cannot give a man beauty. Men must have a fit and positive attitude. To be a beautiful man you must possess this quality.

Tips for Men to Stay Beautiful

If fit is the key to beauty, then the job becomes much easier. Anyone can become a beautiful man if he wants. However, to stay fit, here are some tips to follow.

1) You have to choose a calorie chart for you to use on the net. Which you will follow. But it is best to collect this calorie chart with a nutritionist or fitness trainer.
2) Eat three hours continuously. If you do not eat too much, your body will have various relief that will hinder your fit.

3) Say “no” to the white thing. That is, rely on red rice, red sticks. Eat plenty of vegetables.

4) Those who work more outdoors, carry fruit and food in their own bags. Avoid outside food as much as you can.

5) Try to get 5 minutes fitness training daily. But for this you have to make the first change to your Mindset. You have to make sure that you stay fit. However, you can take this fitness training only when you are in the office and at work pressure.

6) Fitness is foolish not to go to a fitness trainer thinking that YouTube is there. Because not all fitness training is suitable for all body. Again, the kind of fitness you will be given at a fitness training center will not make you feel at home. Therefore, it is compulsory to spend time and go to fitness training center for the well-being of your body.

7) Try to keep the diet filled with the stomach but low in calories daily. For example, eat oats in the morning.

Most of the men in our country have heart problems at a very young age. Before that, their lives were ruined by abnormal stress and depression. Meditation can bring a great role to this place. According to Tamal Saifullah, half an hour of meditation will give you two hours of uninterrupted sleep. This meditation can relieve all your stress and frustration in one blow.

9) No smoking, no alcohol. People who think smoking cigarettes are masculine are living in heaven. If you want to stay fit, you want your stamina to be firm – but of course not to mention cigarettes and alcohol.

10) The life of the discipline has to be chosen if you want to stay healthy. And that beautiful life will make you a beautiful person.