Not everyone needs insurance

Purchase of life insurance policy includes money wastage: Purchase of life insurance policy is an investment. Not a waste of money anyway. When buying a policy, the insurer receives an insurance claim from the company. By claiming this insurance, the recipient can solve temporary financial problems, keep himself and his family free from any developmental work and financial worries. . I have a lot of assets so there is no need for an insurance policy: a lot of wealth creates liability many times. It should be noted that total liabilities (current liabilities and long-term liabilities) are less or less than total assets. If the total liability is high, then the deficit can be satisfied by purchasing an insurance policy equal to the additional liability.

A life insurance policy is a long-term investment. One part of the profits earned from this investment can be measured in money, while the other is not measurable. There is no need for an insurance policy in a lonely life: only life is a risk. The risk may exist or may come in the future. Because the future is unknown. So you should buy an insurance policy even if you have a lonely life. The company arranges for group policies for me: Many times employers provide group insurance for its officers and employees, where even if officers and employees are insured for their own lives, other family members stay out of life insurance. Just as other family members contribute to our growth, so do we. So if your life is at risk, but the lives of other family members are at risk, then peace will not come. I have a policy, so no longer needed: the value of life cannot be properly assessed at the money mark. There are no specific restrictions on purchasing a life insurance policy.

A competent person can purchase as many life insurance policies as he / she wants. No need for a high score insurance policy: The amount of insurance a person needs depends on the socioeconomic status of that person. Proper care is needed to pay for medical care, payment of liabilities, child support, etc. Without buying a life insurance policy, I will invest somewhere else: the risk exists in all investments. The sole life insurance policy serves as a means of risk reduction / control. Upon purchasing a life insurance policy, tax deductions are available up to a certain limit. In my case, nominee insurance may not be worth the money: the insurance business is based on a policy. All parties involved in the insurance contract have to adhere to the policies. Insurable interest is an important principle in the case of insurance. It is not possible to insure that life does not have insurable interest. For example, people have insurable interest in their own lives. Both spouses have insurable interest over their lives. However, the debtor has no insurable interest on the life of the creditor. If all other information, including insurable interest, is correct, there is no barrier to obtaining the sum insured in the event of the insured’s claim. Apart from the examples above, there may be many other ideas / comments. Insurance systems around the world are playing a role in risk reduction. It also looks like a cooperative. Where one member is in danger the other members also contribute to the risk reduction. So it is a good investment to reduce the financial risk, as it is possible to reduce the risk by purchasing one policy at a minimum, without negating insurance. Life insurance policies do not encourage people to buy, it is for sale. Almost all life insurance policies sold in Bangladesh are sold through insurance agents. Insurance companies will train their agents in such a way that they can meet the needs of policy holders and sell them accordingly. After reading an article, I dared not forget the frustration. I became ever so thankful for an article. Here’s the thing: “Every day is a new life for intelligent people” I typed the word and kept it to me, I would find out if I was upset. I found that it is not difficult to survive every day. I mastered his strategy, forgetting about yesterday and tomorrow. I began to overcome the fear of loneliness and lack. Today I am happy and quite successful, my renewed interest in life. I know I will never be afraid, no matter what the problem may be. I know the future is nothing to fear – I know I can live every day now – and every day is a new life for wise people. Your share may benefit another one.