Online Degree Be careful!

Something is learned while online. No matter what the search is, something new will appear. The Internet is therefore called the window of education.

For several years, it has become popular to get degrees from various reputed universities around the world. Especially among college-educated boys and girls. If you want, you can take a bachelor’s degree or a professional short course online, at home or at the retirement office, at a low cost.

A survey conducted in the United States in 2002 found that 1 in 4,000 college students took at least one course online. One year after completing the course, a research institute called Identure has been conducted on the 25 students.The subject was whether or not it worked in the professional life of students after taking an online course or degree in the United States? One year after completing one of the programs, the students said these online programs were helping them.

5% of the students taking the survey think they have benefited from online courses.

Here are seven popular topics from online surveys for students. These are Business Administration, Management, Accounting, Information Technology, Law (Criminal Justice), Finance, Psychology and Healthcare.


Topics like Information Technology are at number three in the student’s favorite list. Again, things like business administration are at the top of the list of choices.

From this list you can guess how much the students value online courses. Now let us explain why things are popular and what we can learn from these courses.

Business Administration and Accounting
The popular course for students at any university in the world today is business administration. The topic is very popular in Bangladesh as well.

Through this course, a student can take classes in Business Policy & Law, Operations Management, Business Policy & Strategy, Accounting Information System, Audit etc.

The type of business is constantly changing. Consumer interests are changing. The online degree is always updated in a curriculum.

Because of this, students can benefit from taking online courses on topics like business administration and accounting.Information Technology
According to the survey, the number of students taking online degrees after the above two topics is information technology. Important, there is not much to say about this matter.

There must be an update on information technology in the professional life. You can learn from virtual classes online, such as C Plus Plus programming, computer networking, data base management, account to data.

Law (Criminal Justice)
It’s not just that law students are taking online courses on this topic. For many professionals, knowing the law is mandatory. Online degrees can be obtained on topics like Criminology, Police and Community Relations, Juvenile Justice. Many are taking.

There are many topics for students of finance in online degrees. Among these are Investment, Financial Markets and Institution, International Finance.Psychology
In addition, psychology or psychology is slowly becoming popular. The number of people going to a psychologist for any problem is increasing. Everyone is now aware of the solution to mental problems.

At home, a course or degree online can bring you out of the ordinary. Present yourself in a different way. This is why many are taking courses in this topic.

Healthcare Administration
Medical science is constantly evolving. Improved services are being provided to the patient immediately. This is why things like healthcare administration are becoming popular.

This subject course will help you find a job at an advanced hospital or diagnostic center. This degree will help you gain knowledge of almost all aspects of hospital management.

Conventional books or curricula are often lacking in most up-to-date information for natural reasons. Being an underdeveloped country, we are still lacking in learning or knowing much.

Again, due to lack of financial capacity, many are not able to get higher education at a reputed university abroad. This gap can be filled by taking a short course online or by entering an updated version of a graduate degree.
5% of these online degree providers are university-based fake. They will offer up to a PhD degree on your work experience. In the name of scholarship, you will receive a large sum of money. Within 3-5 days the degree will reach you!
At the forefront of these scams is Belford University, whose degree was sent from the United Arab Emirates but the website provided a mailbox address in the United States of Texas. After cheating thousands of people for a long time, the original fraudster (or principal) Salem Koreshi was arrested in 2002, and was accused of cheating $ 22.2 million. Belford University was originally operated by Salem Qureshi’s own apartment in Karachi, Pakistan.
There are hundreds of such fake universities online. People who sell certificates or degrees at a low price. MD, PhD, MBBS, MPhil, Masters, Honors… The degree you want guaranteed will reach your home within a week. All of these non-existent universities are fake. Many with such degrees or certificates have been in great danger, lost money, honor. These universities continue their work for as long as they are caught. When caught, another organization opens its name. This is why there is no need for space, land, permits, or teachers, all you need is a website.