The Insurance Development Association

Without the organization the state does not operate. Organizations like oxygen are needed to preserve justice and rights; All you need is the right occasion for the insurance worker. Every insurance worker needs to be aware. Without transparency and accountability, no development sector can reach that goal.

The Insurance Development Association Bangladesh (IDAB) is organizing the organization – along with a group of noble and emerging insurers – to protect the interests of insurance workers and ensure a secure future for job security.

The organization will work to ensure the development of the insurance industry as well as ensure the sustainable development and human rights of the insurance workers.

The organization has activities in every development sector of Bangladesh. The only exception was insurance professionals. The IDAB organization eliminates this disadvantage as a representative of insurance professionals – wants to represent insurance professionals at every insurance forum and policy-making meeting related to insurance and works vigorously with the government, including the government, to implement various claims.

The IDAB organization wants to work for the betterment of insurance workers, as well as have a strong role in the future construction of their children.

There is no own ownership / organization or organization to boast of insurance professionals. This deficiency is what IDAB organizations want to do.

Thousands of crores of projects owned by the insurance worker will be implemented by IDAB organization in the future. This organization has adopted a large scheme in this regard.

Insurance workers must move ahead with the world.
The IDAB organization will conduct free training programs nationwide to create skilled insurance workers.
Keep in mind that there is no alternative to the organization’s practice for the welfare of insurance workers.

The IDAB organization will represent insurance workers and present your claim in various places, including the government, and have a strong role in implementation.

Let’s strengthen this insurance organization – take a member of IDAB.

Development of unity – Unity is the key to success – Unity is a symbol of security.

We will never succeed – unless we can build a secure insurance industry. The security of our insurance sector has to be given great importance.
Talk about your job security “- to policy makers in the insurance sector.
For Insurance Professionals – (GM GM Sajal)

Security of Insurance Sector – Protect Insurance Professionals – Talk about protection of rights and interests.

Listen to your voice – policy makers in the insurance sector.
Only then are you successful.
We found a light.
Which we want to use in the insurance sector. We have realized – should be the first condition of the insurance sector – security is the multidisciplinary advantage of this security – everyone in the insurance sector will enjoy this benefit.

We need to work together to protect the insurance sector.

Keep in mind – the insurance industry has developed so much with the talent and labor of insurance professionals. Today, with respect – the insurance sector and insurance professionals have to provide jobs and financial security and we have to work on this.
Insurance professionals are the image of the insurance industry.Insurance Professionals ”Rai is the image of the insurance industry.
The right decision of the insurance professionals will be made to ensure that the safe and humane insurance sector will protect their interests.
Insurance jobs are the key to building a secure and transparent insurance industry in the future