Refugees have access to university online

n online university is offering degree courses for refugees from different countries, including war-torn regions. The University of California-based The University of People is part of a non-profit project, and it is becoming more and more popular with its students. The aim of this university is to provide free education to refugees who have formal education, who are interested in higher education but cannot afford to study for money. About 5,000 students from different parts of the world are now taking this opportunity. “There is no better way to make the best use of the Internet,” says Shai Reshef, the university’s founding president.

The university is offering a four-year degree course. Students spread across 5 countries will be able to study the full four-year course online. “We have options for those who have no choice but to pursue higher education. We have opened that door for them. “Our doors are open mainly to those who have survived the Rwanda genocide, Syrian refugees in civil war, homeless people in Haiti earthquake” – Mr Reshef told the BBC. Each course of the University has 4 separate units. One course has been created with 3 separate units. As a general university, the cost of each unit is $ 5- $ 4,000 to complete a four-year course. This course fee is waived for Syrian refugees. “Refugees also have the right to receive higher education.


These people have lost everything. Many will never be able to return home and their children, grandchildren are all becoming refugees. ” “And one of the ways to get rid of this situation is education. It is only through education that it is possible to unite ourselves in a new country. ”- Belen Shay Reshef. The university is expanding with the help of experts who are interested in the institutional and technical fields. And so in the last two years its students have increased from five hundred to five thousand. And soon, the authorities expect the number to double.Twenty-four hours of online classes are held each week, with 20 to 5 students per class. Homework is also provided with various suggestions on education. And a volunteer force along with former teachers and officials of the university assisted in these tasks. And for this purpose they were given nominal money from ‘The University of People’. Mr Reshef said there was no shortage of university teachers to teach refugees.

The goal now is that the university can become self-reliant. It is currently supported by large donor organizations such as Google, the Gates Foundation and the Hewlett Packard. And among the top executives of the university are Sir Colin Lucas, former Vice Chancellor of Oxford University, former President of New York University, and other prominent people.Although online university courses are already in place, they are short courses, maybe a student can do a few units. But no one has started a full degree course before. The University of People has begun its work in a completely different way. The university is helping students who are living in different conditions to improve their ability. At the same time, they are learning about small, small-scale subjects, such as health, computers and business. “Online education is not the easiest thing for everyone. It requires enormous enthusiasm and willpower. Self-control is required. You are working somewhere, then coming back home, it is quite a difficult task ”- said Mr. Reshef. “In general university, you may have fallen asleep during class. From the next student, you can understand. But that is not possible here. ” The university plans for refugee students, if they can study online for two years, then the refugees will be able to study at a local university for the remaining two years. The main goal of the University of People is to ensure that refugees whose studies have been discontinued can earn this degree.