Insurance Company Compensation Policy

Flames, thunderstorms, explosions, theft / robbery, riots, earthquakes, storms, tides, floods, hail floods, terrorist activities, malicious activities, rails, roads, inland waterways, landslides, landslides, or landslides. According to the police report, you will be compensated, even if your car is due to an accident If you have insurance, the company will also be obligated to pay for the loss. The condition is that the insurance company will pay compensation even if the driver or passenger is physically harmed.Unlawful acts, damages to drug paraphernalia, no accidents outside the geographical boundary, no valid driving license, no loss of electrical or mechanical damage are covered by the motor insurance cover.Owners do not receive compensation for accidental vehicles because they do not have insurance. Life insurance is a contract whereby the contracting party pays a certain amount of premium, and the other party pays the sum insured as compensation in the event of loss of life or death. Companies offer different types of services, depending on the insurer’s needs.


The insurer reserves the right to receive service under the contract. It is the responsibility of the insurance companies to provide services to the client under contract give. Life insurance is not a product in general. Often misconceptions are found among the general public about life insurance, such as:After reading an article, I dared not forget the frustration. I became ever so thankful for an article. That’s it: “Every day is a new life for intelligent people” I typed the word and kept it to me, I would find out if I was upset. I found that it is not difficult to survive every day. I mastered his strategy, forgetting about yesterday and tomorrow. I began to overcome the fear of loneliness and lack. Today I am happy and quite successful, my renewed interest in life. I know I will never be afraid, no matter what the problem may be. I know the future is nothing to fear – I know I can live every day now – and every day is a new life for wise people.If Your share may benefit another one.Many of the numerous insurance companies currently established in the country may have forgotten the name of postal life insurance. However, the oldest insurance company in the Pak-India subcontinent is postal life insurance.

After the establishment of the 5th, the policy was introduced only to provide financial security to the runners of the postal department to get rid of the danger. But later it was opened to the employees of the postal department as well as the general public. As a result, any citizen of the country can now take advantage of this insurance project. Postal life insurance is a public welfare insurance scheme launched by the government. It is an agency service of the postal department operated under the Ministry of Finance. The postal department controls, manages and markets the service. Photo collected Regional Manager Ariful Haque spoke at the headquarters of the organization. He told the financier that the main attraction of postal life insurance is low rate premium and high rate bonus. Because it is not the purpose of insurance to make a profit. As a result, the premium amount is very low. The amount of premium generally depends on the age of the insurer and the policy term. At present, the minimum premium for life insurance in the post life insurance policies is 5 Taka 3 paise and the maximum is Tk 3 paise. The main difference with any other insurance company with postal life insurance is here, the official said.He said the goal of all organizations is to make profit by providing services. But the government does not profit from here. Rather, it is not conducted on a profit or loss basis. As a result, the surplus money is distributed among the policy holders as a bonus. Here, customers will get maximum profit at the lowest premium.