Can studied in three countries of Europe.

During my first year of university, I learned that our teacher Shamim Mahmood received the ‘Erasmus Mundus’ scholarship. She first heard about this scholarship. I know that the programs of this scholarship are to be studied in three countries of Europe. Well, I will read in this program. I will do at least one masters abroad. ”- Dilshad Hossain Dodul, a former student of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at the University of Dhaka, now in Belgium, with the same scholarship. There he is doing a Masters in Digital Communication and Leadership. The scholarship is now changed to ‘Erasmus Plus’, the rest of the facilities are the same. Dodul was talking to social media about the scholarship, education experience in Europe.

He said that after creating interest, he started looking for studies abroad. You see, in most programs, experience is sought – whether in journalism or mass communication. Dodul decided that, in addition to the preparation of IELTS, journalism will be done, and the experience will be heavy. So in the second year, he joined an English daily as a university representative. After working there for two years, he worked as a reporter on an FM radio. He worked there for eight months. His graduation was over in those days. The result of the graduation, however, did not agree with the pressure. However, Dodul worked at a TV station for some time before his Masters. And increased the research on various scholarships in Europe. Apart from Erasmus, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland – have also sought government scholarships for these countries. Then I heard the story from Dodul’s mouth – ‘I left the masters and started reading for better results. Because I knew it would be difficult to get a scholarship without good results from the masters. Passed in the first class.

Then I started teaching in the media and journalism department of a private university. I came up with two important tests – IELTS and GRE. And continue to write the article. I wrote a total of five articles, three of which are relevant to my current master’s. An article was about the empowerment of women. Some women I knew then quit their garment jobs and started selling clothes online. Many women came to this work after seeing them. In the article, I showed how women are becoming self-sufficient through digital media. Since I came back four years after my Masters pass, the articles have helped me a lot in getting the scholarship. ‘ Dodul’s advice to those interested in studying abroad, ‘Those who want to do a Masters abroad or a second Masters after graduation, should give importance to their thesis. On the subject you want to master, the thesis should be designed accordingly, so that scholarships can be attracted by showing the findings. Apart from this, you have to work as an assistant with professors. On the other hand, personal experience is important in the field of journalism. To be fair, IELTS has to have a brand score; Don’t slow down. So for those who want to take the IELTS exam, start preparing them properly. Apart from Erasmus, there are several practically related courses in scholarships at various universities in Europe.

It is possible to apply to these programs very easily. ‘ Dodul’s comment about the life of Europe, ‘Many people like to talk about life with color! However, in my experience it took a while to paint. People in Europe generally do not want to speak English; He speaks in his native language. Since I do not know their language, communication has suffered greatly in the beginning. I read the first semester at the University of Salisburg, in the small town of Salisburg, Austria. This city is famous for music. The hills around Salisburg. The snowy mountains can be seen only with the eyes open. Hollywood’s famous movie ‘Sound of Music’ but surrounded the university. Mozart was born in this city, the legendary music personality. Besides, this university is famous for theater. I’ve had a great experience with music-theater. But the problem has been in the language. The Austrian language is German. Of course, we had a short German language course, so I could just say hi. As a result, there was not much communication with the local people. And around Salisburg there are several big cities – Prague, Munich, Zagreb. Those of us who were doing masters in the same program, used to visit the capital of different countries, big cities, on a weekly basis. This experience is quite a pleasure. It cost only 3-5 euros. There is an airline here, which can travel from one country to another at a lower cost than the bus. As a result, I’ve visited many cities around the city and talked to many international students. Thus I got a good idea about culture and history. ‘